Currently focusing on Dart/Flutter for mobile (Android/ios), web, and desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) applications.
Current technologies include C/C++, Qt, C#, Java, Javascript, Vuejs, and Nodejs/Express.



Rick made a big contribution to our project, implementing a feature which turned out to be a key differentiator over the existing workflow. He is quick to grasp new concepts and come up with new implementation approaches.

Rick is a quick starter, digs in to the details and can be relied upon to be persistent in solving problems.

David Wales Supervisor, Schlumberger

What sets Rick apart is his long term experience, a pragmatic approach to get a job done, coupled with a depth and breadth of knowledge. What impressed me about Rick was how fast he got up to speed on the domain specific problems, and then presented well thought out and well written proposals and solutions, weighting different alternatives.

Peter Rose Protein Data Bank, USCD

Rick has demonstrated many times the ability to quickly master new technologies. Rick is able to untangle complex system requirements and produce practical, effective software designs.

Mike Heck Product Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific
(formerly TGS)

Rick is a experienced software developer who has superior customer relationship skills. He added significant value to our efforts in professional services to our clients at TGS

Steve Lutz President, SL Consulting & HPC Society

"You saved our bacon…" (direct quote at release party.)

Alex Bobrek Supervisor, ExxonMobil